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Hot and Cold Thermo
This is a Hot and Cold Thermo Electric Counter Cooler. Very easy to handle. Up to 3 glasses of Water, Hot or Cold. Energy Saver.  
On Sale: $89.00 +Tax

Hot and Cold Counter
Water Cooler Hot & Cold
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Hot and Cold Counter Cooler with Compressor.
Keeps water all the time cold or hot
On Sale: $110.99 +Tax

Water Cooler with Refrigerator
An extra space for anything!!!
On Sale: $180.99 +Tax

Cooler Faucets
Male Cooler Faucets
Hot, Cold or Room Temperature colors
On Sale: $8.99 +Tax

Cooler Faucets
Crock or P/C Faucets
Female Cooler Faucets
Hot, Cold or Room Temperature
On Sale: $8.99 +Tax

For Crocks or Plastic Containers
Black, Navy Blue or White
On Sale: $8.99 +Tax

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